Saturday, June 13, 2015

Starting a Video Series

Hello all, I know that it literally has been forever since I posted on this blog!! I started it and then life happened and nothing happened on this blog. But that all ends today. Late today! lol oh well better late than never. 
So I really wanted this blog to be about my passionate pursuit of my beloved, Jesus and that is what it is going to be about but a huge part of this blog is going to be in Video format! What? yep thats right video. 
I have a passion for teaching about Jesus too so I thought why not teach about Jesus while I share about my love for him and there is where the idea was born. 
Then I was thinking of the family that I have in upstate NY ( I am in Florida) that I would love to share Jesus with plus that I would love to connect with on a spiritual level and it was just so clear that this was a perfect platform to do that. 
So in the next season of this blog you will see video after video about my life with Jesus. What I have learned where I have come from as far as religion and christianity. What resources have really helped me and most of all what God is putting on my heart at the time to share with all of you. So enjoy my blog, thank you for visiting and please do not forget to comment or even ask a question. I will be doing videos that are just for answering questions from viewers. Thanks everyone!

The first video is just an intro with a special shout out for my niece Teraisa and it talks about the next video but I think I am going to redo that next video. I am having a lot of trouble uploading it so I think I need to redo it to make it easier. The second video will be up tomorrow. 

Have an awesome night guys!!!!


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